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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'll Meet You in the Kitchen...

1. Fail-proof pizza dough from Lauren's Latest. 
3. Crock Pot Apple Butter
4. Individual berry crisps adapted from Pinch My Salt's recipe.
5. Chocolate Chip cookies (recipe on the bag of choc. chips)

The pizza was divine, loved it.

 I think I'll pinch off bigger loaves next time I make the no knead bread, they ended up a little bit dry I think because they were too small. I'll also measure out the salt instead of eyeball it, they definitely needed more. 

I used gala and granny smith for the apple butter. I think next time I'll try red delicious. I'm also thinking this will be what I do for Christmas presents this year. Yes! I'm already thinking about it. :)

I've made the berry crisp recipe twice, the first time I doubled the topping which is of course MY favorite part. I think you'll like it that way too if you decide to try it. 

Noah had fun helping me make the cookies! I measured everything out, he dumped it all in the bowl and helped me stir. He actually didn't end up eating the rest of those cookies in the picture. I don't think chocolate chip is his favorite. He does love oreos!! He calls them 'black cookies.' 

I am no expert when it comes to cooking but I'm having fun learning! I'll share more on that tomorrow. ;)