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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011!!!

I woke up to 20 + inches of snow, a record for our area I hear, as we haven't had this much snowfall in one day since 1918. I haven't checked this statement yet but I believe it. We're up to about 24 inches and counting! The snow isn't expected to let up until the early evening. 

Words can't describe what I'm about to share with you. You just have to see it for yourself.

Wasn't that precious??? That was our dogs Lily (the beagle) and Gunner (the sheltie) when they went out to potty this morning. 

This is outside my front door. Don't worry! Noah and I will shovel it!

(haha our faces were shadowed in this photo before I edited it...that's why it's not so good.)

Looking out the window into my backyard. The snow is almost as high as half the fence.

On the deck...after Dallas shoveled it off...

Paths that the dogs/Dallas made in the snow. They're much deeper than they look.

I wish Noah and I had clothes to play in the snow!!! We're going to go play on the porch for a minute. He's really interested in it. :)


  1. Love your snow pics!!! Insane!!!


  2. oh wow Mandy! 20+ inches!!! this is just soooo cool! :D. ♥

  3. Wow! Cute Dogs and a-lot of snow!

  4. Great video, our dogs love the snow also. We just do not get as much as you do.... love your blog.

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    I am new to blogging.


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