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Monday, July 23, 2012


I'm not one to open up easily. I'm the type of person who has a lot of friends but only a few I'm really close to. Some of those friendships took a long time to establish with a lot of cultivating. I guess you could say I'm an introvert. I've often questioned my motives for this blog. I haven't been consistent and most of what I share besides what I've learned from reading the bible is...I can't really find the right word for it...empty? maybe? Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with inspiration posts filled with pictures from pinterest but I want to represent myself honestly and bare more of my soul. I think it would be good for me.

Having said that, I'm about to get real with you. I hope that's ok!

This past Spring and Summer I did a few craft shows with a friend. As our acceptance e-mails rolled in  from each show we grew more and more excited. I bought up lots of pretty fabrics and zippers and sewed each and everyday up until the shows, shoo-ing my 2 year old away because "mommy has to work!" If you didn't know, sewing continually is kind of exhausting.

The first show rolled around. We were so excited! We showed up, got set up, and saw some familiar faces which made us feel more at ease but as the day rolled on the show proved to be a bust. I didn't sell a single tote or clutch at the show, nor at the following two. I did end up selling one tote on etsy to a lady who had really liked it at the first show but didn't buy it at the time for whatever reason. All my hard work and basically nothing to show for it...what a bummer.

My etsy has been on vacation mode ever since. And I still have all of my product (what I haven't given away) just sitting in a box. I haven't had the desire to create anything in a long time. I kind of just shut the whole experience out of my mind.

But! I've finally been in the mood to create (for myself) again and it's been so wonderful!!

I made this headband on the 4th of July to complete my outfit.

I finally finished my flower pots from this post.

And I made this the other day just because I wanted to sew. I offered it up on instagram for $11 dollars shipping included {to test the waters}. I got a lot of likes but no luck so I'm using this little lovely in my purse. It's currently holding my lip stick, lip gloss, and lotion. I love it so I guess it's no longer for sale. :)

I hope I didn't come off as whiney or complain-y. I just wanted to share that I've been discouraged for a long time but I'm finally coming out of it and feeling inspired again. I'm even working on opening up a storenvy shop. I may get discouraged again but I don't ever want to give up.

Have you ever been discouraged in this way? Or felt inadequate? And finally came out of the funk? I'd love to hear about it.



  1. I'm sorry you're in a funk! Makes me sad. :(
    Your stuff is amazing! and I hope you don't get discourage and give up what you obviously love doing and are WONDERFUL at!

  2. The last craft fair I did was something I got really excited about...I worked hard to make sure I had an abundance of product in a variety of colors/patterns (hoping to please everyone!), to set up my table in an appealing way, etc. I barely sold the $40 I spent to reserve the space. It makes me discouraged because it was practically my life for MONTHS, and all I have to show for it is a bunch of leftover products that no one wanted. :( I keep my shop open on storenvy because it's free & I want people to have the opportunity to buy, but I rarely sell anything. Thankful for my sweet friends who bought headwraps so I could get my bag, but that's the most I've sold in a long time!

    I just get discouraged, you know? I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I feel like everyone else's shops do so well, while mine just kind of sits there waiting. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!


    1. I still don't get it. I know you're stuff is amazing. I know I like my stuff. I just don't understand why it doesn't sell well. :-/ I'm going to start sponsoring more blogs and start blogging more myself and see how that goes. And of course praying about it. I just like to make things but I can't put a lot of money and effort into it just to make a whole lot of stuff for myself. I'd rather make things that others love too! That's where the joy of making comes in...when someone really appreciates and loves what I've worked so hard to make. :)

  3. I get discouraged a lot. I feel like I'm a Jack of all trades, master of none and it DRIVES ME NUTS!! It's like I can never focus on one thing long enough to get REALLLY good at it. Anyway, it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there because you open yourself up to failure which is scary. I'm sorry your discouraged, but DON'T GIVE UP!! As long as you enjoy what your doing then keep doing it! :)

    1. Missy, I am the same way! I want to do it all and I can but I'm not that great at all of it! And I get bored easily and want to move on to the next project. Thanks lady!

  4. I know the feeling! LOVE the headband!

  5. I know the feeling! LOVE the headband!

  6. LOVE that headband!



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