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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Favorite Nail Polishes for Summer

If you know me then you know I always have my nails painted. I rarely get them done at the nail salon, most often it's a good old fashioned self paint job. I actually enjoy and get a lot of satisfaction out of painting my own nails but I will go in and let the professionals do their thang. I'm not really good about working the cuticles and all that jazz; especially on the toenails. Anywho, I love to change my nail color regularly and I thought I would share some of my recent favorite shades. 

Nicole OPI Oh That's Just Grape!

I LOVE this color. I think it's my favorite. It's almost a neon pink and it's just so bright and happy! Every time I look at my nails when I'm wearing this shade it just brings my mood up.

This shade is very much on the orange side and was an unusual pick for me but I love it. When I need a little pop of sunshine I will pick this shade. 

This is a pretty classic shade. It's a pinkish white color. You definitely need to do two layers or it will be too opaque. I'm currently wearing this shade and going on two 3 days with no chips which is a huge plus!

I love how nail polish shades change with the season much like our clothing. I also love how inexpensive and temporary it is! I can change my color whenever I want to whatever color I want, SO FUN. This post was fun, I think I'll do another one soon!

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