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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday

I've been having a lot of fun on Pinterest lately! I thought I'd share the latest pins that have been tickling my fancy. There are a couple of gift ideas for Christmas and neat tutorials below. Be sure to click the links to check them out!

I think these are made of clay but they would make awesome salt dough Christmas ornaments and such an easy and lovely present for friends and family. All they're missing is pretty ribbon and tree to hang them on. 

I adore this kitchen. I wish it was mine! I love everything about it especially that the color scheme is light turquoise and creme (my absolute favorite colors!).

We all know coffee/tea lovers even if we aren't one ourselves. I love that this mug is hand painted and I love the pattern! So cool. I would love a present like this. :)

I've been crocheting lately because the weather is finally getting cooler and I can just tell you that this cabinet full of yummy yarns is a crocheter's dream.

Frosting recipes! {caramel, chocolate ganache, vanila, etc.} Everyone needs to go ahead and just repin this one. :)

This tutorial shows you how to transfer a photocopy to canvas. I haven't tried it yet so I don't know how easy it is but this would also be a wonderful present for family members.

And that my lovelies, is what has been tickling my fancy!



  1. What creative finds!! I adore that mug and think those ornament ideas are so sweet.

  2. These are such fab finds (Thanks for linking up!) I'd LOVE to make a mug like that as well as a picture canvas :)

  3. What fun finds! That mug is amazing!


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