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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kick off to Summer 2017

School is out for Summer! 
Yesterday was our first official day of Summer break and we've already been to the pool twice. I don't know how the kids stand it, the water is still freezing cold. You won't catch me jumping in just yet. I can't believe the school year has come to an end, it feels like it just began.

Noah's first & last day of 1st grade.

     Noah had a great school year. He loved his teacher this year. You could tell she really loved her students and poured a lot into them. She e-mailed in the middle of the year and encouraged us to sign Noah up for the Trike theater (a local children's theater program) or at least creative writing at the library because he is so animated even when it comes to his writing. Turns out Noah has quite the sense of humor! This year he is going to attend a new school (new to him) that focuses more on the arts along with regular subjects. When we told his teacher she was sad that she wouldn't see him at school anymore but extremely happy about our decision as it will be a perfect fit for him! Noah loves math, reading non-fiction books, playing mine craft, playing with his buddies, and playing baseball.

Henry's first and last day of PreK 3's

     Henry, as you can see from the photo on the left, was not a fan of school at the beginning. He really really really didn't want to go! He attended school Tuesdays and Thursdays this year and made it known each morning how much he didn't want to go to school. Poor little fella cried every time at drop off; however, I know he loved his teacher and his time at school because every time I picked him up he was all smiles and always had a great day. He was so happy on his last day knowing that he was about to spend an entire summer break away from school at home with mommy and Noah. Henry loves hanging with his big brother and playing Minecraft, Lightening McQueen, Wonder Woman and the rest of the super heroes, riding his glider bike and battery operated gator. We discovered recently he also has an affinity for baseball. 

Happy Summer everyone!


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