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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Camera is on Manual. EEK!

This past weekend we planted a little garden in pots. We planted herbs, tomatoes, strawberries and flowers. I was so excited about it that when I found this tutorial on Little Miss Momma's blog I decided I would use my beloved potted plants as subjects to practice my camera skills on. I have little to no camera skills...just thought I should mention that. I used my Canon Rebel, in case you we're wondering. :)

such pretty herbs :)
I need mint for my new love of mojitos! I'll be making strawberry ones as soon as those little berries are ready. :)

mint, cilantro, and sweet basil

I love hanging baskets.

mmm! Strawberries! You can't see it but there is a tiny little one in the back that's already turning red.

And here's Noah playing with his new bowling set.

haha! Love this face!
I wasn't too concerned with composition at this point. I was practicing getting the color and the white balance right. I didn't even know I could adjust the white balance on my camera until I discovered this tutorial! Now instead of cold blue hued photos I can have warm colorful photos. :) I'm excited to learn even more about my camera and take lots of awesome photos. I'll keep documenting as I gain more knowledge! Cheers to being able to take our cameras off auto and onto manual!!

So now that I'm going to be using my camera a lot more I think I'll be making some really cute camera strap covers as a new crafting adventure. Maybe a couple will even end up in the ol' shop.

If you're a little rusty when it comes to photography I challenge you to check out the tutorial I mentioned, practice, blog about it, and share a link in the comment section below!


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