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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Can I get a break?

I've been making headbands in my spare time nonstop the past few weeks. I dream about them, I can't fall asleep because of them, I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about them, I'm tired. It's official, I think I've burned myself out. I'm taking a break after the craft fair and not making anything craft related for a week. When that week is up I'm going to make the bag I bought a pattern for weeks ago as a gift to myself. Then, on to more crafting adventures. I need a little variety though, not just hair accessories, but bags, kitchen towels, and definitely more crochet items. The possibilities are endless!

Here's another sneak peak of the items I've been working on.

Ivory Chiffon Flower Bobbies: 

Could be worn by a bride or bridal party.

And to change the subject...because I love to do that...

Have you ever shopped at your local Goodwill? I haven't been since high school but I went the other day hoping to find some decor for our booth and I actually found quite a few awesome things! They had a boutique section where I found two beautiful Fossil dresses but they were both size Large. :( But on the bright side I found a brand new, still in the package wine bottle opener! Score! We've been using our broken one for uh...years. 

I found this mirror to use on my table at the craft fair. I'm going to spray paint it ivory and then use my friend Samantha's leftover charcoal antique gloss on the crevices. This is a horrible picture! The mirror is really ugly too but I'm hoping the paint will pretty it up a bit. 

I decided on this color for the mirror. I've never spray painted anything before...EEK!

I also found a shadow box that I failed to take a picture of to display my earrings in at the show.

Oh and I found this little guy hanging out in a random spot...and I had to have him. I gave him to my husband and he loved it.

Isn't he cute and strange? My grandmother told me that she has a friend who collects owls. Apparently they're good luck if you're the superstitious type.  

Hope you all have a great weekend! 



  1. Sounds like you scored at Goodwill! In AZ, thrifting is huge, so it's harder to find treasures now. Love the little owl! And your blog is adorable


  2. I LOVE Goodwill! It's where I find almost everything these days. I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours. Nice to "meet" you!




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