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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Top 10, I Mean 11, Goals for the Summer

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="MMM...can't you just smell it?!"]

i started out wanting to make 10 goals and i ended up with 11. that's just like me to do that, always adding something extra to my plate. oh well! ...here goes.

buy a new sewing machine. digital please. with the works.
use that brand new sewing machine to make all sorts of lovelies.
figure out wordpress, find my voice, & fill this blog with my heart.
become a pro at using my canon rebel. off auto and on manual!
fill my etsy with things people can’t live without. ;)
get my etsy noticed; gain a following.
fill my idea notebook and begin to make every single thing in it.
make a lattice blackberry pie
build my front porch. (future blog post topic)
make my thumb green.
learn the basics of guitar (start out small right?…hehe) i have a beautiful breedlove that gets no attention. shame shame.

do you have summer goals? if so what are they? i'd love to know! they don't have to be craft related. ;)

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  1. We share some similar goals. Unfortunately, some of mine will take longer than a summer.

  2. Good point! I don't think mine can be confined to a Summer either. I think maybe my goal is to really get serious about them this Summer. :)


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