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Friday, September 2, 2011

InstaFriday - Cuteness Overload.

It's Friday, which marks a four day weekend for this family! Yay!!! Hope you all enjoy your families this weekend. Enjoy the following pics, and beware of cuteness overload. :)

Sweet little kitty Dakota. She likes to cuddle. And she plays fetch like a dog. Best cat ever.

Here's sweet little man giving his froggy sugars!

We went on a walk with our friend Sarah at a local park then played on the playground afterwards. We were the only ones there! How lucky were we?!

And lastly, I already told y'all about this but I came up with a new product idea yesterday! It's not finished yet but isn't it cute? It's a sleep mask.


life rearranged


  1. a sleep mask....what a creative idea!!! do u make ear plugs too??? haha!!!

    thanks for letting me peek!!!

  2. {stopping by from life rearranged}---super cute sleep mask! Love it!

  3. The picture of your son giving the frog a kiss is adorable. Stopping by from Life Rearranged. Have a great weekend.


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