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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Future Home Inspirations

I love this old abandoned house. I might sneak some more pictures of it. Yes, I took this picture while driving by. I love the big long porch and the columns. Big square columns with brick on the bottom are kinda my thing. I might like it just for them. Nah, the whole thing is cute and cozy! :) I can picture us on a porch like this on a summer night with friends, a pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade, and mason jars full of fireflies that our kids have caught. We'd talk late into the evening about the stars and all of God's glory. 


When I showed my husband this picture and asked him if he liked it he seemed offended at the idea. I think he assumed I like the house in it's current condition. I thought I should clarify that although I see potential in this house, I don't want it! I can however romanticize the idea of what it might look like with some TLC, in my head and it comes pretty close to what my dream home might look like plus a billion updates and a ton of square footage. I like that I can see beauty where others can't.

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