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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Moss Wreath

I was definitely inspired by the tutorials I found yesterday. I was hoping to come up with a thrifty wreath like number two. I spent around $30 which isn't too bad compared to spending $70 for one that is pre-made. I was surprised to spend as much as I did as the flowers were half off; luckily. Oh well! I'm still feeling good about it. So let me walk you through what I did...

I started out with a straw wreath and hot glued spanish moss all over it. I decided not to use the smaller package of light green moss, it didn't look how I thought it would.

Then I cut the ends of the flowers off of the stems and placed them around the wreath different ways until I decided on a combination that I liked. As you can see I used butterflies like tutorial number three. :)

I glued them down and....viola! Finished!

I'm happy with it but it isn't as eye catching from the street as I was hoping it would be. We live and we learn right? This is only the second wreath I've ever made. I'm excited to make one this summer with bigger flowers and more vibrant colors, most likely on a grapevine wreath (The gluing of the moss was very time consuming!!!! Way more than I thought it would be). 

On a side note: this is the first day of Spring! What are your plans on this most beautiful day? I already completed my goal for the day so I guess that means I get to play now! Well, I can hear Noah jabbering in his crib, I better go get the little man.

I learned from Sarah that I need floral spray to ensure the moss stays on! If you decide to make a moss wreath, invest in some floral spray. :)


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