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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bridesmaid Hair Update...

A couple weeks ago I looked to Pinterest for help on deciding how I wanted to have my hair done for my BEST FRIEND'S wedding!! I showed you all the board I created with all the choices but I haven't let you know what I ended up deciding on. I typically think I look nicer with my hair down but I decided to be brave and branch out!! I chose the Michelle Williams side undo. My other best friend is a hairdresser so she did my hair. :)

Here's a side view of how it looked! I opted for more volume on top.

Thanks Kim! ;-)

And here's the beautiful bride and her girls!


Laura and Kenny's wedding was beautiful! Their reception was so fun with lots of food and dancing. Such a wonderful big day. God is so good to have created something so wonderful as marriage.



  1. Beautiful hair, Mandy!!

  2. I really like your hair, and you look beautiful! I think I'm going to do my hair in something similar for my wedding - the sweetheart likes my hair up, but I like the softness of a side bun. :)

  3. Your hair came out great! You girls look gorgeous!


  4. Thanks Erin!! I just checked out your blog, I like your outfit posts. :)


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