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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Aren't you happier when you have something to look forward to? Whether it's big or small, you're happy in the waiting because you're expecting it to come along when it's time. Perhaps it's waiting to go on vacation to the beach to relax and sunbathe, to get a massage after work, payday, etc. Think about it...there is always SOMETHING to look forward to.

In most cases though the happiness brought by that particular massage or trip to the beach fades with time. There are few things in life that supply overwhelming joy and everlasting happiness. There are few things in life that last, including us. Each one of us will die one day. Ask yourself one question, does it feel like you should die? I still feel as though death is not real, that it shouldn't happen to me; it is foreign to my being. A part of me feels as though I should go on living forever. This is my life that I didn't even ask for. I live, I breathe, I think, I feel, smell, touch, taste, hear. Now why would I or should I ever stop doing these things? To die seems like such a waste.

Tell me, do you feel like you have a purpose? More than just to live your little snippet of a life that may or may not have an impact on the generations to come. I mean, it is a nice thought that maybe my life has had a positive affect on the people who will go on to live after me, but those people are just going to die someday too. So, while it is a positive thing to leave behind a legacy it isn't good enough for me if it all just ends. Scientifically; I've heard the whole entire globe is going to end someday...just like that, and be no more. Then what was the point of it all? And if you are saying to me, "why does there have to be a point?" Well isn't it true there is always a 'point' or a 'purpose' to everything you do? Why do you eat breakfast in the mornings? Why do you brush your teeth? Even the seemingly pointless things you do probably have some sort of purpose at least on a personal level. Why would everything suddenly become pointless?

Back to the point {<--hehe}: People are always looking forward to various things. We seek to be happy, to be blessed, to be comfortable, we seek for love, and to be accepted, every single one of us. Why do we share these commonalities? I think we were created to be hopeful and to seek good and do good. I know, I said created. Isn't it true created things have purpose behind them? For example; toasters, whoever created them made them with a purpose in mind: to toast bread. {Bad example? maybe.} I feel as though I have a purpose and I certainly did not give myself life. I suppose my parents gave me life and their parents gave them life and so on. People started somewhere and I think the first pair were definitely created with purpose.

To be continued....




  1. Amen! I've been thinking about thus lately too: how fundamental hope is to everything we do. Good stuff :)

  2. Hope is such a necessary aspect of life; without it you can lose any determination to achieve the things you hope for. I'm hoping for a life full of love, happiness, stability, and creativity.


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