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Monday, August 22, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday- Rosette Earring Tutorial

Hey guys, it's Tuesday! You know what that means?! Time for a tip, a tute {tutorial}, a recipe, a what have you...the list goes on, come link up with us {for more info click here}. So I don't know if I'm crazy for sharing this with you since I'm trying to sell my earrings but I decided to show you how I make them. And since I'm not the only one who makes these things I bet this isn't the only tutorial out there. But anywhooo, we all have our ways of doing things don't we? So here goes. And you're welcome in advance, maybe you'll decided to buy a pair out of the kindness of your heart. ;-) Wow, do you like how I started the last three sentences with 'and' & 'but'? I obviously haven't been in school for awhile. :)

First things first, grab your supplies:

1. rotary cutter or scissors 2. scrap of fabric 3. hypo-allergenic earring posts 4. hot glue gun 5. cutting board

Cut a strip of fabric about 16 inches long and 1 inch wide. {this should be enough for 1 pair of earrings}

Fold it in half length wise, then fold it in half again. {fold in half twice}

Begin to roll it. Add hot glue every now and then to secure it. And you can twist the fabric as you roll for added texture.

Do step 3 until your earring is the size you want it.

When you're done rolling and twisting find a stopping point and hot glue the side down. X marks the spot.

Now glue the excess fabric underneath the rosette. X marks the spot.

Cut off the excess fabric. Glue to earring post. Repeat steps 2-6.

That was fun!

See? They're tiny, cute, and feminine. Maybe a little hippie-ish too...if you're into that sorta thing. :)

It's your turn! Link up below with a tip/tutorial/recipe/inspiration/anything to get us inspired to create! Be sure to tweet about this to get the word out and more people to link up with us. Let's get to know each other.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!



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  1. Here's my tip for today: Instead of the usual drive-thru calorie-laden, fat-filled food-to-go, call in sushi to go!


  2. Looks beautiful! If only I had my ears pierced!

  3. So cute! I always burn myself so badly when I make rosettes - I may have to try your method, because it looks a little safer! ;) Thanks for sharing, friend!

  4. Your method looks so much easier than mine. Thank you! I'm adding these earrings to my weekend project list!


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