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Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome to Toddlerhood

I'm sitting on the couch uploading photos for tomorrow's Tipsy Tuesday while my little man who is almost 19 months old sleeps away in his new toddler bed. I have to admit I thought transitioning him from the crib to big boy bed would have been a difficult process, much like I expect potty-training to be. It's weird to me that we potty train toddlers and puppies. Seems like there should be a different term for the two. Oh well, if it works why change it? Anyway, I thought for sure Noah would have gotten out of bed a gazillion times and I would have to put him back in bed a gazillion times before finally winning the battle; or losing, and putting him in the pack & play. But to my surprise he cooperated and stayed put while I read 5 or so books to him. Then I told him it was nap time started his music box, slipped out of the room, and ran to look at the monitor. After a minute he did sit up and begin to fidget so I cracked his door open and told him to lay down. He eventually nodded off to sleep. :) I am one happy momma!! It's nice when they make it easy on you.

I'm convinced he's the cutest kid in the world especially when grandmothers that we're not related to tell me he's cuter than their own grandkids. We're talking serious cuteness here people.

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