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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{Tipsy Tuesday} Words of Inspiration.

Hey y'all! I've been thinking about the power of words lately. So, I felt it would be fitting to feature some of the inspirational prints I've found via Pinterest for this Tipsy Tuesday. Ya know, just to get us all thinking. :)


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  1. i like them all, but might just need to print & frame that top one for my sewing area! :) thanks for sharing these!

  2. The second one is my favorite. The messages in this poster are definitely ones to live by. I need to work more on the "no whining" part.

  3. I think that one is my favorite too, especially when it comes to sewing or any craft for that matter. I'm a perfectionist so if it isn't just exactly as I imagined in my head {which it never is} I freak out a little. But isn't that the characteristic that shows it's handmade?! The fact that it isn't perfect? I mean, I'm not a professional seamstress, not even close. But I love to sew anyway. :)


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