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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Daytrip Clutch {& a Discount Code}

I've recently added new items to my shop {rosette earrings & clutches} & I'm super excited about them! My favorite new product is definitely my line of Daytrip Clutches. I had six to start out with and decided to debut them at our local Spring Craft Fair earlier this year instead of putting them on etsy. My mom ended up buying two to give to her sisters for their birthdays, my sister in law bought one the other day after seeing how convenient they are, and then my mother in law bought one! I decided to keep one for myself because I just couldn't part with it, and that leaves one in the shop for you. :) I need to start making more!

I've been carrying this little beauty now for about 3 months or so. I used to carry a huge over the shoulder bag which ended up with a whole bunch of random junk in it and it would take forever for me to find anything! It also had a huge hole in the lining and things would just disappear into the abyss. Frustrating! What is it about big bags that makes us think we have to fill them up with uselessness? Well, I don't have that problem anymore.


Wanna know what the heck was in there?!

 1. wallet {target} 2. keys 3. three kinds of lip gloss 4. nail polish 5. chocolate 6. coupons  7. feminine products 8. friendship bracelet {for a friend :)} 9. phone {not pictured}

Tell me, what else do you need?!!

Okay, you're right...maybe a checkbook. I usually keep mine in there too.

You've seen MY Daytrip Clutch, now go have a look at the one in the shop.

To celebrate all the new items that are popping up in the shop and YOU here is a DISCOUNT CODE:

Hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday!

I'd love to know what colors/patterns you would like to see on future clutches. Have a good idea? Comment below, I'd love to know! {I'm such a poet.}

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  1. So I kind of want all of them! You are so talented! When I actually have some money I'll totally buy one of those! I love black and white- stripes, zebra or brocade. I'd love to see something like that! I may not be able to resist... finances or not... :) beautiful! OH, and I'll be buying some of those rosette earrings too...


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