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Monday, July 25, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday- Improving Your Blog

Over the past couple of weeks I've come across a lot of useful information for blogging and I am so excited to pass it on to you! As you probably already know {from the sidebar and older posts} I have an etsy shop where I sell my handmade goods. After a few months of familiarizing myself with etsy and noticing how other people have become successful {i.e. blogging} I realized I needed to get serious about my blog. And once I started seeking out other blogs that fed my interests I was captivated. There is such a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and just plain ol' interesting people out there.  I want/ed to be a part of it. I'm creative, I have ideas, and I have a voice! So I started this blog and I'm still molding it into what I want it to be. What I'm about to share with you has helped and is helping me get there.

10 tips on using social media for your indie biz

This first bit of wisdom is something I found on Yellow Songbird. Kim is the girl behind the blog as well as her successful handmade business called Oh Sweet Joy.

This is Kim:

{source & to find out more about her)

She shared ten tips from personal experience on running a successful business using social media. Here's a summary of her list:

1. Tweet often

2. Promote, but don't spam.

3. Keep things positive but be real.

4. The golden rule. Be nice!

5. Free is fun. Ex: Free earring with minimum purchase.

6. Offer exclusive discount/sales

7. Be inspiring and helpful.

8. Don't be too exclusive.

9. Be interactive.

10. Show people what life is like behind the scenes.

She expounded upon each point, you definitely need to read the entire post.

How to Create a Blog Button!

The next piece of information I came across is so fun and exciting you'll be playing for hours...but wait I'm getting ahead of myself. Have you noticed your favorite blogs usually have a 'button' that you can 'grab'? I have one! Look to the right above the google friend connect box, look familiar? Well thanks to Ashley from The Shine Project and her guest blogger Casey Weigand I learned how to make one! Grab buttons are good for growing your audience.


{learn more about her here}

Now, go read her post and create your own button!!!

How To Add Button Code & Code Box To Your Blog

Now that you know how to make a button you need to know how to create the code for that button as well as a code box like the one I have. Easy peasy. The Blog Guidebook has done it for you! Check it out! 

Well, I hope these bloggers have inspired you as much as they have me! Consider Kim's 10 tips and have fun making a button! Let me know when/if you made one and I just might 'grab' it and add it to my Favorite Reads. :)

Do you have a tip, a DIY tutorial, recipe, advice, anything? Share it with us! Just add your name a link to your specific blog post in the box below.

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  1. Another fabulous post ma'am! I do enjoy reading about building blogs and indie businesses so this is truly helpful. :)


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