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Friday, July 22, 2011

Inspiration Workshop Week #8

THE PROMPT ~ (from Gussy Sews website)
This week’s prompt is YOUR INSPIRATION ~ where you pick the prompt/share whatever you’d like! I’m especially excited to see the topic you select AND to read through and pin some of the photos you share ;]

The thing that inspires me the most is the time I spend with God. To be quite honest though, the past couple of weeks I haven't even thought about Him, prayed, read the word, or fellowshipped with other believers. So I haven't felt too inspired. Having said that, I just sat down, read Proverbs chapter 22 (I like to read whatever chapter corresponds with the current date) and I haven't felt more alive, awake, or inspired in weeks! :)

The verses that really spoke to me were Proverbs Chapter 22 verse 4 and Proverbs Chapter 22 verse 11. I bet they'll speak to you too.

I also like a good book. I've read Mere Christianity before but it's been so long that I figured it was time to read it again. If you like a good book that will make you think, reaffirm your beliefs, and get you excited about God and his kingdom then this is a book you would like.

My best friend, who is getting married this upcoming Saturday (Woohoo!) got this beautiful Vera Bradley coffee cup for my birthday this year. I love coffee and I love pretty coffee cups. I drink out of it daily so I'm sure some of my more inspired ideas came about whilst drinking out of this pretty cup. :)





  1. That is truly lovely. Thanks for sharing your faith -- and your pretty coffee cup!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :) I'm going to visit your website now.


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