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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bridal Hair

I'm lucky because this weekend I get to be matron of honor in my bestie's wedding so I'm excited! I've been playing around on Pinterest looking at different hair styles this morning. I can't decide if I want to do an up-do or a down-do. Maybe you can help me decide.

Here's what I found:


What do you think? I know it's probably hard to decide if you don't know me. I tend to think my face looks nicer with my hair down but I'd love to be able to pull of a pretty up-do.



  1. i think part up or the carrie underwood one would look good! have you been to thebeautydepartment.com?? it's awesomesauce! lauren conrad & her posy do hair & make up tutorials. love me some LC!

  2. Hmm a lot of these looks similar to the one I am picking. The loose updos ;)

  3. Hmm...Dallas likes the Lauren Conrad loose up do, I'm leaning toward Mila but my hair isn't as long as hers so it wouldn't look the same. Kim let me borrow her hot rollers so I can see if I like the way my hair looks like that. It's nice having one of your best friends as your hairdresser! :)

  4. OOO! I'm excited! Dallas likes the Lauren Conrad one, it's braided part of the way and then a loose bun. Would that be too similar to your hairstyle?

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