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Monday, July 11, 2011

So, What Is Tipsy Tuesday?

I created Tipsy Tuesday as a weekly link-up.

Let's talk about how it should work and what type of posts I'll be looking for; I'll keep it short and simple:

Every Tuesday I am making it available for you to link-up a post of yours to my blog. Others who link up will get a chance to read your post and leave a comment, and hopefully you will have gained a follower or two out of it. We love comments and followers don't we?!

You're asking yourself, 'What kind of information should I be sharing?'

  • any kind of 'tip' you would like to share

  • do you have a famous mouthwatering recipe?

  • cleaning tip, perhaps like my last Tipsy Tuesday post

  • mommy tips (how to potty train with smooth sailing)

  • any kind of tutorial (sewing, knitting, crochet, any kind of craft)

  • any kind of blogging tips

  • how to go on a thrifty vacation

  • any kind of how-to (how/when to shop at a thrift store)

  • ETC!! The possibilities are endless!

Here's a great example I found on Pinterest of a How-To hair-do:



I just have three! Let's be nice to each other and leave a comment on the post above our own.  I mean, we're sharing valuable, life improving information here, show some appreciation!

Also please don't link your entire blog, just the one post that is relevant. Just paste the link to that post in the Mr. Linky box as well as your name.

Lastly, I would prefer you to share your OWN thoughts, ideas, tutorials, etc. but if you happen to find one so absolutely fantastical that you must share it and it isn't your own PLEASE give credit to the brains behind it. K? Awesome! Great! Let's get to sharing all of our wonderful, glorious, fabtabulous ideas. Ready.....GO! (The Mr. Linky will be ready for you in tomorrow's post)



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