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Friday, July 1, 2011

I Want to Ride My Bicycle!


Is this bicycle lovely or what? I've just started riding my bike again after having our son a year and a half ago. I guess I haven't ridden in so long because I couldn't take him along. We resorted to stroller rides around the neighborhood. Don't get me wrong I love to take him out for a walk with the dogs but walking can get old real fast.

About 5 or 6 years ago I started getting into biking. I'm not just talking about dilly dallying around town but FULL OUT mountain biking. I bought myself a real, fancy shmancy mountain bike. This thing was is the real deal. I spent my hard earned cash on a GIANT.

I went a few times with an old friend around our Lake Fayetteville trails and then once with my husband and a friend. Dallas and I had just started dating & he agreed to go on the adventure to impress me...I guess it worked! haha. So, we fell head over heals in love... yada yada... and my passion for mountain biking kind of got kicked to the back burner. And now I can't even imagine how I made it all the way around the lake, all 5.5 miles of dirt, rock, steep and not so steep hills, etc. Let's face it, I'm not in that sort of physical shape anymore. I don't look much different from what I did back then, except my hair is longer, but I am definitely not as strong as I once was. Go figure, you would think lifting a 30 pound child 30 times a day would maybe do something for ya but I guess that's just wishful thinking.

Lucky for me we just bought a bike trailer! Which means Noah can go with me now! Except we're definitely not going to be mountain biking (maybe I'll get to  slip away every now and then!). So, I'd like to find a pretty cruiser bike to ride around the neighborhood and save the Giant the embarrassment of riding on flat pavement rather than dirt piles and rocks ;-).

So the question is do I search for an old fixer upper that I can customize myself, although I am no expert at spray painting, or do I lay down the cash money honey for a brand new fully customizable Republic? I really could go either way. I think it could be fun to do it myself but also time consuming...


  1. My husband has a mountain bike... it is his love, you know, besides me. I have two antique bikes I brought back to life. I love my "new" old bike. I vote for the fixer upper :)

  2. I say get the fixer upper! Spray painting is easy cheesy. :)

  3. Okay, you talked me into it! I'll keep my eyes peeled when I'm out and about for a good deal. :)

  4. Dude. That was easy convincing ;)


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