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Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun at the Baseball Game

Last night we were lucky enough to be able to go to the Natural's game for free with Dallas' work. Can I just stop and say real quick how awesome it is to have a baseball team (Minor League) in your home town?! Springdale, you are moving on up in the world. :)

We usually like to go just the two of us and let my parents babysit but they had already babysat the night before (MOVIE DATE NIGHT!!!!) and we thought it would be fun to bring Noah along. He has been once before on a Friday night and we stayed for the whole game so he could see the fireworks at the end. We couldn't stay until the end last night, it was just too hot and Dallas needed to get home and mow... before you start feeling sorry for him...we just got a riding lawn mower. : )

I thought I would share a couple of Noah pictures with you. I wish I would have thought to take more pictures while we were there but I was running around like crazy going where ever Noah wanted to go.

Here he finally settled down and let me set him on the table (for a few minutes). This kid makes funny faces.

And this is on the ride home. We bought him a mini bat and ball set while we were there, can you tell he loves it?

We had fun! I love that we can drive just a few miles to go to a baseball game in the Summer. I'm excited to take Noah each year as he gets older. Maybe someday he'll want to play. He's already sports oriented. He has a t-ball set and a plastic golf set; he loves both. I guess we'll see if he decides to pursue one or the other. :)

What are some fun Summer activities you do with your family?

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